W2D2 - Be a chef

Open source

I started taking a closer look at open source projects today, starting with urllib3. I've used it before, it's in Python and a fellow RC batchmate Andrey is a maintainer.

The issue I focused on involved type checking, so I spent a bit of time on a mypy refresher. In my previous role I had to make the existing py2 codebase compatible with py3, which means introducing lots of type comments. TIL type stubs can only be used to check clients of the stub, but not the code itself.

I also had a quick look at Kubernetes. I've used it before, it's a chance to practice my recently-acquired Go skills and there'll be a presentation on it later in the week. Fine, it's also the hottest thing right now...

I was expecting a large group of maintainers, I wasn't quite expecting this large. There's a set of videos for new contributors. There's even an agreement you have to sign before contributing - gives me the same feeling as signing an NDA to hear a startup idea.

Content: Be a chef

Following up the brief discussion on Jiro last week, Oz wrote this excellent piece on why you should use (the developers analogue of) a chef's knife and not a Thermomix.


That summer at culinary school continues to pay dividends.