W12 - Never graduate

Week 12

I've always had the occasion to write. My time at RC has provided the occasion to share my writing. For this week's post, instead of sharing what happened, I'll write a bit more on what I'd like to happen.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.


I'd like to start a startup one day. I don't have a burning idea I'd like to bring into the world, not yet anyway. I do want to be in the best position of making it a success when I do.

In conversations with friends, I'd say how going to a conference to sell is something I'm terrible at. However if the survival of my startup (and the livelihood of my team) depends on it, that would be the time to go above and beyond. To quote Sahil Lavingia:

Being a founder is great for personal growth, because if you don't grow, your business dies.

Making things better

I had been at Square when Yassin Falafel came out. I was so touched by his story, I wrote the following e-mail:


I remember when Economic Empowerment came up on our walls, I wasn't sure what the exact message was. Watching Yassin's Falafel, the message hit home.

My wife and I come from Thailand and Malaysia respectively. We feel extremely privileged to have been able to study abroad, and now be based in the Bay Area. Every time we go back to see our families, however, we feel disheartened how much running a business there relies on gatekeepers, and how they disproportionally impact social mobility.

We intend to go back some day and help make things better. Yassin's Falafel reminds us of this. I've always been proud to be at Square, but watching the video made me feel proud the work I do help empower more people like him.